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"Small Leaf" progressing nicely 4/10/2016

Formula approval has been granted! We are working on the artwork and final Label Approval. We hope to have this spirit available for purchase summer 2016! Please check back in with us.


40% Alc/Vol (80 proof)


Washington grown Malted Barley is fermented and distilled through our pot still, transforming it into whiskey. Tea (Camellia Sinensis) also grown on our farm in Chehalis, Washington  is processed by hand in the traditional oolong method. The two are combined delicately before being sweetened with Malted Barley. It is astonishing that grain, leaf and yeast can combine to produce a flavor so marvelous and complex.

The same neutral brandy base we've  created for the Rose is infused with the new growth tips of the Douglas Fir tree (Pseudotsuga Menziesii) and Noble Fir tree (Abies Procera). Acquired from trees on the farm, the buds of each provide a unique aroma and flavor, the combo of which is out of this world. Douglas Fir adds the "Christmas Tree aroma," the typical pine scent, while the Noble Fir adds profiles reminiscent of Citra Hops, grapefruit rind and mango. We have a 10-14 day window per year in which to harvest the fresh tips. Outside of this window the alkali-like bitterness of chlorophyll invades the needles rendering them unusable. This bold spirit is not intended as a straight shooter (though that's up to you!). It is a great addition to any fruit, vodka or gin cocktail, or simply with a pour of tonic water. 

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Pear spirits unused in the production of Brandy are redistilled through our "Spirit Guide" to between 85% and 95% alc/vol (170 to 190 proof.) This neutral brandy is diluted, then infused with Rose Petals grown on our Chehalis farm. The color and aroma are unmistakable. An intoxicating bouquet of roses for all of your senses. Think..."It tastes exactly the way it smells" and smile on the exhale.

At the Free Spirits Distilling tea test plot pictured in late 2015. Several varieties of Camellia Sinensis are planted together. By testing multiple varieties from various locations, we can determine the strongest and most suited cultivars for our particular micro-climate. 

2015 Sold out: 375ml bottles will be available beginning of Spring 2016!


​40% ALC/VOL (80 proof)

2015 Sold Out: 

375ml bottles will be available beginning of Summer 2016!

Twice distilled using our pot still with attached thump keg. The finest portion, the heart of the run is reserved for Pear Brandy. An un-aged, clear spirit, harnessing the essence of Pear, whose uses are limited only by your own creativity.

375ml bottles available now.

​750ml bottles coming soon.


40% Alc/Vol (80 proof)

We have an additional 100 seedlings going in the ground this spring. Pictured here is a "small leaf" variety of Camellia Sinensis destined for the bottle.